Talent and culture don't match up?
Hit or miss communications that create lost opportunities and leaves employees confused?

Your company culture doesn't have to change as your organization evolves. Clear communication should reflect the personality of your organization to attract and connect with the right talent, as well as retain existing employees.

Once the personality is identified and the messaging is developed, you will use this information to find the right talent and assess their cultural fit throughout the sourcing and selection process.


The employee relationship starts long before the offer. We look for disconnects between the company's culture and the people it is seeking. We also measure the effectiveness of the recruiting message. We call this stage of finding the right individuals PREBOARDING.


The "COOL" Company Report and Communications Plan are built from the Audit Report, Personality and Communications Workshop(s). Development of personality profiles and interview guides, plus support to assist in sourcing and selecting for culture fit based on the company's values and personality.


connect – engage – grow