Case Study: Employee Engagement Through Onboarding

Client: Consumer Products Good Company

Assignment: As the project leader and point person, WOW! transformations was responsible for creating an onboarding initiative for a new sales organization faced with 60 new hires in three months. This onboarding initiative needed to reflect the company's culture, provide a welcoming experience from Day 1, and ensure a streamlined process to assimilate new sales personnel into the organization during their first six months of employment. It was also critical to tie the onboarding to the organization’s performance management process.

Strategy & Tactics Used: WOW! transformations worked with company leaders to create a multi-dimensional, branded onboarding experience that included a new intranet site, support from the hiring managers and HR, hands-on learning, a mentoring program, and systems training to support the new hires transition into the job.

  • The onboarding initiative was divided into functional learning segments within specific timeframes. This phased approach built knowledge, skills and comfort within the specific job with support from the Hiring Manager, HR, team members, key subject matter experts (SME's) and mentors. Critical information was housed on an intranet site that provided easy access to all documents. Blended learning was essential, as well as opportunities to test knowledge to evaluate the new hire's learning.
  • The SME's and internal project manager provided the key content for the functional learning, while we created the roadmap, framework, templates and directed the instructional design and development of the content. Content for the functional learning was developed into webinars, SkillSoft customized elearning modules, systems training, etc. We built tests into the program to check for understanding, as well as one-on-one learning and development opportunities.
  • Transition Leaders (mentors) were assigned to new hires to support them in their company and job assimilation. Their job was to assist a new employees make an easy transition into the organization, ensuring that he or she feels welcome, gets familiar with their surroundings and understands the basic protocols of the office. A Transition Leader has typically worked at the company for a few years and is willing to commit a period of time (60- 90 days) to help new employees assimilate smoothly into the Pinnacle sales organization.

The Results:  Coordination from Training, HR and Hiring managers in this new onboarding process has helped new employees increase their comfort and productivity on the new job significantly faster. Online information about products and solutions are available from Day 1; and the critical skills, competencies and knowledge specific to their new role is communicated through online learning. New hires have easy access to the expertise of others at the company and are able to acclimate to the culture of the organization quickly.

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