BEYONDBOARDING™ is a strategic focus on employee and organizational growth and development. It begins before an employee joins a company and continues throughout his lifetime of service with that organization. We refer to this as the employee lifecycle.

WOW! transformations helps companies make smart decisions about their investment in the people they seek, hire and retain. We assess the entire relationship between employer and employee to uncover where that relationship is coming off the rails. That means taking a hard look at systems, processes and development initiatives, and then devising a plan to address what's wrong, through our BEYONDBOARDING™ SOLUTIONS.



  • 24% of hiring managers
    said a single bad hire
    cost their business more
    than $50,000

  • More than 20% of employee turnover occurs in the first 45 days

  • Participants involved in a mentoring program had a retention rate 23% higher than non-participants

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